The Use of “Hope” in Hebrews 6:19

“his hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls.” Hebrews 6:19a

The Use of “Hope” in Hebrews by John Piper

Here it has been suggested this verse forces us to distinguish between faith on the one hand which is the assurance of things hoped for, and hope on the other, which is the desire for a happy future but which is not necessarily assured. The argument is that if hoping involves assurance why would the writer bother to speak of the assurance of things hoped for?… If we have been on the right track till now, hoping does indeed involve confidence and assurance. Now the author wants to define faith. He does so simply by saying: one necessary aspect of faith is this very assurance we have in our hope. The assurance of things hoped for is the experience of hope. And therefore one dimension of faith is hope. Faith is more than hope because faith involves believing faithful witnesses about past events too (like the divine creation of the world, 11:3). Hoping is the exercise of faith with reference to our future. // end.

So I just understood this now. There is connection between effective prayer and knowing this fact. The resurrected Lord is our Hope and the hope of all creation (Romans 8:22-25).

Why is it important for me to know and believe this Truth in my heart?

All the promises of God are backed by His name, who that he is, his attributes, and character. Meaning the power of God is celebrated perfection and is very large and extensive; it reaches to all things, to every thing that he wills, which is his actual or ordinative power; and to more things than he has willed, which is his absolute power; and to all things that have been, are, or shall be, and to things impossible with men; though there are some things which God cannot do, such as are contrary to his nature, inconsistent with his will, his decrees and purposes, which imply a contradiction, and are foreign to truth, which to do would be to deny himself: but then he can do. He can do more than men ask for, as he did for Solomon: God knows what we want before we ask, and he has made provisions for his people before they ask for them; some of which things we never could, and others we never should have asked for, if he had not provided them; and without the Spirit of God we know not what to ask for, nor how to ask aright; this affords great encouragement to go to God, and ask such things of him as we want, and he has provided; and who also can do more than we can think, imagine, or conceive in our minds.

The take away here is to come the Father (Matthew 6) like a inhibited child (Matthew 18) and ask anything! Yes ask anything like His very own children – you are. When you ask, believe and back it up with faith based on God’s character, his nature, his will, his decrees and purposes.