You never know how much doubt is inside you until you start to believe in something. When I decided to believe my significance (right after I posted my Jesus testimony), I suddenly found myself in a battle. All these lies I never knew I believed started popping out of the woodwork. It was like self-doubt grew fangs and said, “I can eat you alive! You’ll never become who you’re supposed to be!” But I could feel my calling like a ball of fire burning inside of me. The enemy was trying to put that fire out. Doubt was trying to pour water all over my dreams.

I came to realize that I had been letting doubt push me around because I didn’t know any other way. But I knew I was faced with a choice. I could continue to let doubt squash me or I could stand up and fight back. Knowing I couldn’t just lie down and die, I started to get angry.

The truth is sometimes you have to get mad. If something is trying to steal away your calling, your beliefs, who you are, who you’ve dreamed of being your entire life—do something about it. There’s a reason those dreams are in your heart. It’s because God put them there! Don’t let them die. Fight for them!

Sometime in Fall 2017, a friend and I went to Ocean Beach to watch the sunset. It was a beautiful day. At one point we saw birds flying over us in a “V” formation and I said “Hey, that is you! The one in front. A natural-born leader. Don’t let any voice say to you, ‘It’s over.’ ”

Time after time, the Bible records hopeless situations that ultimately ended in victory. Think of Job’s sickness, Joseph’s betrayal by his brothers, David’s adultery, and the many who were healed in mind, body, and spirit. God has not given up on you! His plans and purposes for your life can never be thwarted. His plans for you are to prosper.

Don’t let them die. Fight for them!

Are you going to fight for your dreams, or will you allow doubt to crush you? It is a choice—your choice. It’s not the enemy’s choice. It’s not your parents’ choice. It’s not the choice of the people who mistreat you. It is completely up to you.

[One of the biggest lies the enemy throws at us is that others are more significant than we are. He tries to trap us in a game of comparing ourselves with others, which, honestly, doesn’t make any sense at all. If you think about it, it’s the weirdest thing because as an individual, you carry something specific that is impossible to duplicate. Stop comparing yourself because there is a calling and a pair of shoes only you can fill.]

Whatever struggles you may go through, your breakthrough is never, ever just about you. There are thousands of people who need you. They’re counting on you to tap into the strength of God that enables you to do “all things.” (Philippians 4:13)

REMEMBER—YOU ARE LOVED Perhaps this is the most important hope lesson to remember: God sees and loves you! He sees your suffering and weeps with you.

Listen to God whisper: ” I will make Myself real to you this day, and My living presence will lift you higher. Come and grow stronger as you live in Me. My fruits will now come forth out of your innermost being. Love will prevail, and joy will absorb your pain. Peace will surround you like a cloud of glory while kindness streams from you to others. The strength of My patience will consume your anxiety. Watch as my gentleness makes you great and brings honor to your door. I will cause My strength to overshadow you and give you courage and discipline to move ahead. In the middle of much pain and grief and loss, I would cause you to experience joy and a sense of peace that far surpassed human understanding. Surrender to Me this day and do not hinder My Spirit’s work to make you into the image of My Son, and you will see the miracles I will perform in you.”

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