Seafoam Green

Stand firm in this grace. 1 Peter 5:12 NLT

I was not walking blindly into a new season, but it was a place that didn’t line up with my plans and dreams this year. God wasn’t promising me ease. He wasn’t promising that things would go as planned. He wasn’t promising a world without trouble, without heartbreak along the way. He was promising me Himself. God with us. Our very great reward. This blessing is different from blessing as the world sees it. It isn’t an easy life or one of success.

Blessing is that as we find ourselves in a place that God has yet to explain, or He may never explain, a place or a life that doesn’t line up with what we had in mind, He gives us a promise like He gave to Abraham. It is the promise of Emmanuel, God with us. He will be here with us, our reward.

I know that God is still revealing himself to me. It’s amazing to see that while these are all happening, I would get introduce again to Genesis 12 to 50, the life story of Abraham, Isaac, Jabob, and Joseph. I can feel that He was preparing my heart for something that would stretch me even more than I had imagined. By the grace of God alone and nothing of myself, He gave me eyes to see beyond my self-pity, to see that I was not the only one hurting. He revealed to me that in this season, my call was was to trust in Him, even in the midst of uncertainty. To learn how to walk in His pace.

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