My Dream for Every Woman, Everywhere

By: Christine Caine, from her book “Unashamed”

I want every woman, everywhere to live free from shame.

I want women who are trying to balance the demands of modern living, who carry so much guilt, who feel pulled in all directions, to live in peace and joy.

I want single women—and single-again women, either divorced or widowed—free from the shame of feeling “less than” because they aren’t married.

I want women who are following their call and leading in all kinds of spheres to feel free to lead like who they really are.

I want stay-at-home mothers who feel called to serve there, but feel conflicted or condemned about not working outside their homes, to be proud of what they accomplish.

I want women who have failed to get back up again . . . no matter what knocked them down—an abortion, a divorce, an affair, a bankruptcy—to be free from shame. I want women who cut, bruise, or burn themselves to be free from self-injuring triggers and the aftershocks of shame and guilt—and to find hope in Jesus.

I want women to know that the only image that will ultimately remain is the image of Christ within us.

I want them to live free from the shame of not fitting society’s perfect body image.

I want women who have been victims of violence or abuse to know there is always hope, and they can live again, truly live.

I want women who are lonely, isolated, and struggling to dare to come out of hiding and discover the power of love and community.

I want women who feel unloved and devalued to discover who they are in Christ and to be able to hold their heads up high and smile at the future.

I want women who live in torment, fear, and rejection to discover the healing power of Jesus and his unconditional love, grace, and mercy.

I want women around the world who are being violated, trafficked, burned alive, raped, and treated as less than human beings to be rescued and freed from the debilitating evil of shame.

I want women in war-ravaged countries who are running for their very lives, crossing borders to survive, searching to be reunited with their children and families, to find the miraculous power of our God and his will to free them from the inside out.

I want all women to dare to believe that God made them on purpose for a purpose. That he has filled them with gifts, talents, and abilities to be used to their full measure for his glory.

I want women to stop comparing and competing with each other and instead to love, support, and esteem each other as sisters in Christ.

I want women to know God can use everything the enemy meant for evil in their lives for good. He can take their stories of shame and redeem them—first for their own freedom and then to help others.

I want women to know that they are not less than, weaker, second, or not enough. They are created in God’s image—greatly valued, loved, chosen, wanted, and adored by the Creator of the universe.

I want you to know that you matter very much to God. God doesn’t waste our hurts—not one of yours, and not one of mine. Looking back, I can see how God has taken everything in my past that the enemy meant for evil and he’s turned it around. I think Joseph best summed up how I feel in Genesis 50: 20, when he said to his brothers, “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”

It’s Your Time to Shine

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