Love where you live

“We often wonder why God has us in the places and roles we’re in, perhaps because we believe if we were somewhere else doing something else, we could finally be used by the Lord. In Love Where You Live, Shauna reminds us that whether God calls us to stay or go, we are a sent people, and therefore our places and roles have divine purpose. Through biblical stories and her own story, she illustrates practical ways we can live as the sent people we are. For those who are new to an area, for those needing fresh eyes for where they already are, and for those needing a jumpstart toward loving their neighbor—you will find this resource immensely helpful.” – Christine Hoover, author of several books, including The Church Planting Wife and Searching for Spring: How God Makes All Things Beautiful in Time

Part 1 “The Intersection” 27-Jan-2019

Part 2 “Place Matters” 03-Feb-2019

Part 3 “Witnesses” 10-Feb-2019

Part 4 “All Of Us” 17 Feb-2019

The time is ripe to (re) discover a God centered consistent understanding of ourselves. It’s a time to journey in our minds and hearts, to find a better way to be the good news people of God that Jesus designed us to be. The Christian community, at least as Jesus intended it, is one of the most exciting aspects of the gospel experience: the church is the frontier of the kingdom, the place where it all happens, where love lives, where the living witness to our Lord must take place.

It’s time to move, to cast off from safe shores, and take a journey again! The church as an expression, perhaps the most concentrated expression, of the kingdom of God on earth should be a fully God-alive, dynamic, adventurous, world-transforming agency.

Friends, you can follow Shauna in her Instagram stories or her Blog Site. She is the lovely wife of Ben, lead pastor and founder of Epic Church SF.

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