When Dead Things Come To Life

Friend, just because a few things have gone wrong in your life doesn’t mean God is through with you. You have kept the faith. You’ve helped a multitude of people. You’ve sacrificed for your family. You have taken a stand for God. You’ve kept your integrity.

I believe God wants to resurrect our broken dreams.  Just like He raised Lazarus from the dead He wants to raise our dead buried dreams. I will also say from my experience that the dreams may come back to life looking a whole lot different than when they were buried but that’s because when He raises those broken dreams they are HIS dreams new and improved.

“We went through fire and flood, but you brought us to a place of great abundance” (Psalm 66:12 NLT).

GOD’S WHISPER Today you stand at the threshold of a new beginning. All that is around you will change, and all that I have planted within you will now grow and bear fruit. For I have great things in store for you, things no one has ever proclaimed to you. Many speak of the rain that will soon fall, but I say, it will be a downpour on you! Many speak of the fire, but they have never been consumed. But with you, My fire will rage and not be contained by the structures and theories of men. There are many who wish for a new day, but you will be lifted suddenly into a season beyond your imagination or your dreams. For it will be My dream that will be fulfilled in your life. So stand firm in Me until I have become your confidence. Set your eyes upon Me and don’t be worried about your future and your calling, for I am the God who begins and completes, the Alpha and the Omega. You have seen Me many times as the Beginning, now you will see Me as the Finisher!

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