Reminders For Me

Remind me always that hope is a crazy thing, a courageous thing. Faith is a bold, irrational choice.

Remind me always that we live in a world where innocent people suffer and good people die before their time and stories don’t have the endings we pray for. The pain and hurt are everywhere.

Remind me always that God is who He says He is. And in the hurt and the pain and the suffering, God is near, and He is good, even when the ending isn’t.

Remind me always that God who uses delay to grow my belief and strengthen my relationship with Him.

Remind me always that He loves me and so He allows me to feel pain that draws me to Him.

Remind me that “Jesus wept” is famous for being the shortest verse in the Bible – John 11: 35

Remind me that Jesus weeps for me. He wasn’t crying because Lazarus was dead. He knows what He is about to do. He knows that Lazarus will be dead for only a few more minutes. He weeps for His friend. He weeps with His friend. He sees and knows the outcome of my situation. He knows what He is doing, even in the endings I don’t expect, and still, in all His compassion, He weeps with me for a world that is not as He intended, for sorrow that He did not design. Jesus wept, and the crowd said, “See how he loved him!”

Remind me always to sing, even as a joyful noise, because I know what is coming. I can hope because I know who is coming in the dark of the night.

Remind me always that I have known His promises to be true, and I know the Light is coming.

Remind me always to be brave enough to hold out the hope of the Gospel to a world that is hurting and alone and afraid. This hope rooted not in the absence of pain or heartache or suffering.

Remind me always not let any voice say to you, “It’s over. Your life is finished!” Time after time, the Bible records hopeless situations that ultimately ended in victory. Think of Job’s sickness, Joseph’s betrayal by his brothers, David’s adultery, and the many who were healed in mind, body, and spirit. God has not given up on you! His plans for your life can never be thwarted.

Perhaps this is the most important hope lesson to remember: God does love you! He sees your suffering and weeps with you. Your prayers are heard: “Do you know of any parent who would give his hungry child, who asked for food, a plate of rocks instead? Or when asked for a piece of fish, what parent would offer his child a snake instead?” (Matthew 7: 9–10).

Beloved, the Lord is leading His bride into the wilderness (Hosea 2:14). Knowing what you know now, will you follow? Will you sing and run after Him? Will you allow Him to cause you to be occupied with only Him?

Remind me to tell you that you have purpose for your life that began before mountains and hills were brought forth. Father God has planned for your redemption before you saw the light of day. He opened your eyes to see the beauty his Son, and you believed. Now His Son’s very life lives within you. God’s Spirit has caused you to mature, to grow in the ways of heaven as The Son’s life overtakes yours. Love will prevail, and joy will absorb your pain. Peace will surround you as a cloud of glory while kindness streams from you to others. The strength of God Holy presence will consume your anxiety.

For The Father has chosen you before time began to live his the fullness of The Spirit. Surrender to him this day and do not hinder His Spirit’s work to make you into the image his Son, and you will see the miracles He will perform in you.

Remind me always.

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